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The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, Kuwait

Renewable energy laboratory implemented for the Public Authority for Applied Education & Training (PAAET)

Large scale autonomous clean energy hybrid system implemented for the Ku-wait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR).

The system was installed in Kuwait City in order to study the interrelations of power management by experimenting with the parameters of the system components. The fully integrated autonomous energy system combines solar, wind and fuel cell power with modern energy storage technology. The central monitoring and control software allows for data logging and analysis as well as online visualization of measuring data via a PC. Implemented for educational purposes the system is also used as a public demonstrator underlining PAAET’s dedication to innovation and renewable energy. The integration of the system into the curriculum shows the increasing awareness of the society for renewable energies.

The system combines wind and PV power, fuel cell and battery technology to form a fully autonomous hybrid system. Excess energy from the renewable power sources can be converted into and stored in the form of hydrogen, which powers a fuel cell ensuring energy supply during any possible daily and seasonal circumstances.  A bat-tery is used during short-term fluctuations and supplies power in the night.  For emer-gency situations the system also includes a diesel genset. Top-of class components ensure constant system availability even in the harsh climate conditions of Kuwait.

The installation serves as an energy man-agement demonstration system and repre-sents a cornerstone for the establishment of a regional know-how centre in Kuwait. Due to the integrated P21 Energy Man-ager, the system has advanced energy management capabilities and offers full transparency in energy generation and management. The system can be remotely controlled and monitored, supporting the Research Centre in acquiring valuable data about the system’s behavior.   

The project is a co-operation between the government and private enterprises and will also be used for commercial purposes to accelerate market introduction of renew-able energy management systems. 

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