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The team at Heliocentris Academia International GmbH range back to its initiation in 1995, when the first educational products for teaching hydrogen and fuel cells were ever created. Since then our team of engineers, educators and makers have in close collaboration with our clients and users developed a full portfolio of products, covering solutions for middle school, high school, colleges, universities and professional industrial training centers.

Our team has many years of experience with different types of renewable energies, energy storage solutions and full energy management systems. Our cooperation never ends with the sale itself. On the contrary. It's just starting.


 We offer Heliocentris Academia International Equipments training on place or at our company's headquarters in Berlin.
  • The courses materials included, comply with the curricula of electrical engineering departments of universities and colleges.
  • No special pre-knowledge is required: Lecturers benefit from pre-prepared lessons and course materials with sections for students and professors.
  • The course materials include topics in physics, chemistry and cover general and electrical engineering principles. 


Target Users

Our fuel cell training systems are used across various departments to cover various subject areas. They are used in the following disciplines - from Introductory to Advanced level courses:

Chemical Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Energy Engineering | Automotive Engineering | Physical Engineering | Renewable Energy Systems | Process & Control Engineering | Power Engineering | Materials Engineering


Training partners
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NEL (New Energy Lab) 1 WEEK Clean-Tech and Energy Management Training

1 Week extended training sections with the following topics:
  • Photovoltaic – electricity from the sun
  • Photovoltaic – technologies and mounting concepts
  • Photovoltaic – DC/DC converter
  • Photovoltaic – grid connected vs. off-grid systems
  • Wind Power – electricity from the wind energy
  • Wind Power – technologies and advantages
  • Wind Power – DC/DC and DC/AC converters
  • Wind Power – island setups vs. grid connected 
  • Battery technologies – short term storage technologies 
  • Hydrogen – Fuel Cell Technologies 
  • Hydrogen – Storage Technologies
  • Hydrogen – Electrolyze Technologies
  • Total cost of Ownership analysis
  • Smart grid and Micro grid technologies – definition and concepts
  • Power matching – storage technologies and sizes
  • Energy Efficiency – Demand vs. Production 
  • Data analysis and monitoring – consumption profiles 
  • Sensor – measurement technologies
  • Simulation Programs - market trends


Includes full documents on hard copy and digital.  


Professional Training System


Double Fuel Cell, Solar electrolyze
  • Function and characteristics of a solar cell and a single fuel cell.
  • Characteristic curves and power curve of a PEM fuel cell and a photovoltaic cell
  • Principles of Solar / Hydrogen / Fuel cell energy conversion
  • Scientific rules and principles incl. Faradays Law, Avogadro Constant, Ohm´s Law… 


FCT (Fuel Cell Training) System
  • How to operate a commercial fuel cell stack (50 W) / Operational conditions?
  • Factors effecting the characteristic curve (temperature, air supply)
  • Efficiency, fuel consumption and parasitic loads
  • Engineering principles (e.g. Ohm´s Law, power curves, internal resistance etc.)


HEL (Hybrid Energy Lab System)
  • Setting up a Hybrid Energy System with a powerful 1.2 kW fuel cell
  • UPS System
  • Interaction between fuel cell and battery in a hybrid system
  • Balancing fuel cell sizes vs. battery size versus hydrogen supply for own applications


NEL (New Energy Laboratory)
  • Characteristics of a solar panel, wind generator (turbine) and a fuel cell power module
  • Conversion of excessive New Energy in storable form (battery/hydrogen)
  • Managing New Energy and conventional energy 
  • Stabilizing a grid for various scenarios (day/night), battery state of charge etc.
  • Optimizing energy sources


Contact us

If you are interested in more detailed information, do not hesitate to contact us:

Heliocentris Academia International GmbH
Rudower Chaussee 30 12489 Berlin Germany
M. 0049 1731852241

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