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New Energy Lab

The unique New Energy Lab addresses all aspects of integrated renewable energy systems: generation, storage and management of energy. Its flexible energy management unit enables the quick modification of the system’s setup, making it possible to combine multiple renewable inputs with different energy storage options.

The off-grid hybrid system allows studying each technology individually or in combined set-ups. It combines solar and wind power with energy storage in batteries or through the generation of hydrogen powering a fuel cell. The system can further be connected to the grid. Typical scenarios, such as night-time operation, periods of no wind or the combined use of renewable and conventional energy sources like a diesel genset, can be simulated and analyzed (smart grid education and training). Various types of loads can be conncected to the system or be simulated with its electronic load. Students gain a fundamental understanding of each technology and the interrelationships between the different system components. This enables them to dimension smart and efficient hybrid systems in line with supply requirements. Extensive measuring technology and the monitoring and control software allows for data logging and analyzing. Energy flows are visualized in real time.


The central monitoring and control software allows for data logging and analysis.
The software visualizes data from over 30 measuring points as well as the system status. Energy flows between the various components are clearly displayed. Different data such as current, voltage or the hydrogen flow are visualized in real time.


New EL experiment overview


The system is designed to run in different setups allowing to examine electrical paths of different energy sources and their behaviour on a component level or within the overall energy system.

The energy management unit allows to easily interconnect different sources and loads into a complete hybrid renewable energy system.
Combinable Energy Technology

  •     PV solar system
  •     Small wind power module
  •     Fuel cell module
  •     Battery bank
  •     Hydrogen generator
  •     Hydrogen storage canister (metal hydride)
  •     Public grid (backup/ups)
  •     Electronic load
  •     Real-life loads (12/24 VDC or 230 VAC)



  • Comprehensive curriculum for courses in engineering, sciences, environmental studies and business
  • Includes experiments in the following training and research areas:
    • Solar and wind energy
    • Eletrolyzers and fuel cells
    • Island grid mode
    • UPS system mode
    • Off-grid back-up mode

Topics covered

  • Renewable energy generation & energy management
  • Introduction to solar, wind, hydrogen and fuel cell technology
  • Design, set-up and operation of hybrid energy systems
  • Examination of renewable energy sources and energy storage technologies
  • Off-grid operation of consumer loads (230, 12V)*
  • Observation of the following scenarios: night-time operation, periods of no wind, peak loads


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