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Topic: Education & Research with a Flexible Hybrid RE System - Case Study


Institution: Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus (BTU Cottbus, Germany), Chair of Power Plant Technology

Location: Cottbus, Germany

Client Request:

Expand Power Generation  

Education & Research into Renewable Energy Systems

BTU Cottbus approached Heliocentris with the goal of expanding their Power Generation Programs to include extensive teaching and research in the area of Renewable Energies.  The Chair of Power Plant Technolo-gy saw great demand for the integration of renewable energy systems into their programs and set a primary focus on power generation and the optimization of grid-tied renewable energy systems.  They wanted to couple their extensive knowledge of traditional energy systems based on coal and biomass, with renewable energy systems to create better and more efficient energy systems. This was to be achieved by providing students hands-on experience with a complex renewable energy laboratory.


Final Thoughts

As a result of this system, the Chair of Power Plant Technology at BTU Cottbus has been able to expand their level of power generation knowledge to include a solid foundation in renewable energy system technology. BTU Cottbus is now able to use this system to analyze, compare and combine traditional energy systems with renewable energy technology. BTU Cottbus is able to use this system to analyse, compare and combine traditional energy systems with renewable energy technology. A noticeable side benefit to having a system of this configuration in-stalled has been the interest received in the system and the reputation of the BTU Cottbus. Already an established and well respected university, the addition of renewable energy studies has added to the universities esteem in the form of press articles, community and corporate interest and most importantly interest from the educational community. Students want to train and research at the facility and other Universities visit for workshops and continuing education. While the programs are still in their infancy, the message is clear; there are significant benefits to having a system of this kind at the University. Currently the University is looking into ways to expand on the system with new technology, programs and courses.


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