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Heliocentris’ Letter of Credit (L/C) Policies 

Heliocentris Academia International GmbH Berlin 


Dear Customer, 

Thank you for your interest in our products and your trust in our company. 

In order to provide you with best possible service and keep transaction processes simple may we ask you to take note of the following payment terms: 

1) Prepayment by bank transfer 

and the easiest, fastest, and most efficient way for payment is prepayment via wire-transfer. 99 % of our customers make use of this payment method. For this purpose, we have established the following international bank account to which we ask you to transfer your payment: 

 2) Cash Against Documents (CAD) 

The second best alternative. In case your intention is to make a payment by Letter of Credit, please consider a much faster and more economic payment method: Cash Against Documents (CAD). 

Contrary to the L/C procedure, a CAD payment can be processed faster at lower administrative costs involved on both sides. Please ask for our assistance if you want to make use of payment via CAD. 

3) Letter of Credit (L/C) 

In exceptional cases and if the order volume justifies the administrative effort, payment by Letter of Credit (L/C) is possible under certain conditions. 

Please be advised that the processing of a L/C is involved with a very high administrative effort and high bank charges. Effort and charges increase with each necessary modification of the L/C. In order to keep our prices as low as possible, neither the bank charges, nor the costs for additional administration are covered by the quoted price. 

Therefore, please understand that Heliocentris can accept payments by Letter of Credit (L/C) only on request and under following conditions. 

Processing Fee: 

For order volumes higher than 50,000 EUR, Heliocentris will cover for the administrative costs involved. 

For order volumes between 50,000 and 20,000 EUR a processing fee of 250 Euro will be charged. For order volumes less than 20,000 EUR, the processing fee is 500 EUR. Please note that the processing fee must be added to the total amount of your order volume. In case the fee should be stated on your invoice, kindly let us know on forehand. 


Heliocentris will be able to process a Letter of Credit ONLY on the bases of the following documents 

  • Copy of AWB in case the shipment is made via freight forwarder 
  •  or alternatively: Copy of express-carrier-shipment-document if shipment is processed via express courier, like UPS, FedEx, DHL Please note that we cannot guarantee that these freight documents are issued fully in English. 
  • Original signed “Invoice” in triplicate (available in English or German) 
  • Original signed “Delivery Note” in triplicate (available in English or German) 
  • Copy of the German Export Declaration (available in German language only) 
  •  Copy of Insurance Policy if required 

Please note: Languages of documents depend on the issuer and cannot be guaranteed. Some documents are available in English and other in German only. Therefore, please open the L/C without any language requirements concerning the required documents. 

Please be advised that further documents are not available. Hence, any requirement for additional documents cannot accepted. 

Confirmations regarding local law: 

Heliocentris is not able to confirm the acceptance of any local law of our customers regarding import/export regulations. As a matter of fact, only you, as our customer can be responsible for compliance of your local law. 

Costs of Letter of Credit (L/C): 

All costs of a Letter of Credit, this means both: The costs at applicant’s bank side as well as costs on Heliocentris’ side (Bank fees in Germany) have to be covered by the applicant of L/C. 

Sending of Documents: 

We ask you to provide an international account number of an express-courier (e.g. UPS, FedEx, DHL …) to send necessary documents to your corresponding bank. If you don’t have an account number, we offer to use one of our express couriers. This service costs EUR 100.00 for sending 1 set of documents to your corresponding bank. 

Changes of a Letter of Credit (L/C) 

In case it should be necessary to change a letter of credit, e.g., because L/C contains articles, which are not corresponding to these policies, we have to charge an additional processing fee of EUR 200.00. 


Heliocentris Academia International GmbH 

Rudower Chaussee 30 

12489 Berlin Germany 

Phone: +49-30-340601-600 

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