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Dr FuelCell® Model Car

The Model Car enables the subject of renewable energies to be taught in an understandable manner at a lower secondary school level. Its pre-configured experiments make learning science curricula fun.

  • Immediately ready to use; no further materials are needed
  • Curriculum-oriented instruction manual (Grades 5—10)
  • Instruction manual and teacher’s guide for experiments
  • Fast and easy preparation for classes with materials that can be copied and printed
  • Robust design and exceptional quality
  • Variable setup — fuel cell, solar and hybrid operation
  • Hand generator allows for flexible use in any location
  • Teaching Materials

Dr FuelCell® Model Car Components

The single components of the Model Car can be used in various ways for instruction
Fuel Cell
Reversible Fuel Cell with Integrated Gas Storage Cylinders

This component is a fuel cell and hydrogen generator in one. It is operated with distilled water and requires no caustic solutions or acids. The generated hydrogen is stored safely and directly in integrated gas storage cylinders.

Solar panel
Solar Module

The 5-cell photovoltaic module is used for experiments with solar energy and for generating electric energy for hydrogen production. The practical base facilitates alignment towards a source of light. The module can easily be mounted on the car chassis to make a solar vehicle.

Measurement Box
Load Measurement Box

The load measurement box for recording data is used for advanced experiments. Integrated consumers, such as a motor, a lamp and 7 selectable resistors enable numerous experiments such as recording characteristic curves, current and voltage.

Hand Generator
Hand Generator

The high-quality hand generator, which simulates wind power, is an alternative to the solar panel. Muscle power is used to generate electrical energy for the separation of water in the reversible fuel cell.

Heliocentris Dr.FC Model Car Chassis

The chassis is designed both for fuel cell operation and solar operation. A single click and two cable connectors are all you need to make the switch. The front axis is steerable and lockable, so the chassis can also be used when space is limited.

Teaching Materials & Experiments

Every experiment description includes a section with background information on the subjects in question, in addition to a teacher’s section and a student’s section. The teacher’s section includes all information about the experiment, all assignments and solutions, as well as complete results of the experiment. The student’s section includes not only the description of the experiment, but also forms for recording measured data and assignments for different age groups.


The Binder – Everything in one Place

The three-section ring binder included with the system contains all the materials as masters for copying:

  • Quick guide for a fast introduction to the experiment setups and functions
  • Detailed instruction manual for understanding the details and preparation of additional individual experiments
  • Teacher’s guide with a large selection of experiments for grades 5 – 10, sub-divided according to age and level of difficulty

All documents are also provided on CD-ROM in PDF format for further use.


Product Brochure

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Experiments Abstract

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